8.30 AM

Registration & Breakfast

9.30 AM

Inaugural Ceremony

Welcome Address -:

  • Mr. Yogesh Mudras , Managing Director, Informa Markets India.
  • Mr. Sabyasachi Hajara , INMEX SMM India Advisory Board Chair and Former CMD, Shipping Corporation of India.

Keynote Address -:

  • Shri Shyam Jagannathan , Director General, Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Govt of India.

Special Address -:

  • Shri Suman Billa , Additional Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India*.
  • Shri Rajiv Jalota , Chairman, Mumbai Port Authority and Chairman, Indian Ports Association.

Chief Guest -:

  • Shri T K Ramachandran , Secretary, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Government of India*.

Building World-Class Ports

10.00 AM

Panel Discussion : Charting the Course for Indian Port Modernization - Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies.

  • Opportunities , Leveraging trade growth, supply chain changes, and emerging industries.
  • Challenges , Addressing infrastructure gaps, bureaucratic processes, policies, and environmental concerns.
  • Strategies , Enhancing connectivity, attracting investments, embracing digitalization, and sustainability practices, and learning from global experiences.

Moderator -:

  • Mr. Dhruv Gadh , Partner PwC India | Ports, Maritime & Logistics.

Speaker :

  • Mr. Parrag Jain Nainutia , Principal Secretary, Ports and Transport, Home Department, Govt of Maharashtra.
  • Mr. Bhushan Kumar, Joint Secretary, Sagarmala, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways.
  • Mr. Unmesh Sharad Wagh , Chairman, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority.
  • Mr. Niraj Bansal , CCEO, Adani Hazira Port Ltd.
  • Mr. Rajiv Agarwal , MD, Essar Ports Ltd.
  • Mr. Madhvendra Singh , CEO, Gujarat Maritime Cluster.
11.00 AM

Presentation: "Key Attributes of World-Class Ports - Lessons from Successful Examples".

This presentation will explore case studies of renowned world-class ports, analyzing the key attributes that contribute to their success. It can cover aspects such as efficient operations, advanced infrastructure, innovative technologies, strong connectivity, and effective logistics systems.

Speaker :

  • Mr. Frank Geerkens, Consul General of Belgium in Mumbai.
11.30 AM

Networking Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase

12:00 PM

Presentation: "Transforming Port Operations through Digitalization and Automation".

This topic focuses on the role of digitalization and automation in driving port efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. The presentation will delve into technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and data analytics that enable real-time monitoring, optimized resource allocation, streamlined processes, and enhanced customer experiences.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Senthil Kumar Subramanian, CEO, Dakshin Bharat Gateway Terminal, VOC Port Authority, Tuticorin.
12:30 PM

Presentation: "Collaborative Approaches for Developing World-Class Ports: Public-Private Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement".

This topic focuses on successful collaboration models between governments, port authorities, private entities, and local communities. The presentation can discuss the importance of public-private partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and effective governance in planning, funding, and implementing port modernization projects, highlighting examples of collaborative success stories.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Nandeesh Shukla, IRTS, Deputy Chairperson, Deendayal Port Authority *DP World*.
01:00 PM

Solution Provider Presentation

01:30 PM

Networking Lunch & Exhibitor Showcase

Green Ports & Decarbonization

2:30 PM

Panel Discussion : Green Ports and Decarbonization - Navigating the Path to Sustainable Maritime Industry.

  • Green Port Strategies : Innovations for carbon reduction, renewable energy, and waste management.
  • Decarbonizing Maritime : Challenges, alternative fuels, energy-efficient vessels, regulations.
  • Port-City Integration : Sustainable transportation, circular economy, community engagement.
  • Financing Green Ports : Funding mechanisms, partnerships, incentives for sustainable infrastructure.

Moderator -:

  • Dr. Abhijit Singh, Assistant Vice President, Invest India, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Govt of India.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Madhvendra Singh, CEO, Gujarat Maritime Cluster.
  • Mr. Sunay Mukerjee, Chief Operating Officer, Gateway Terminals India Pvt. Ltd, (APM Terminals Mumbai), Maersk Terminal.
  • Lt.Cdr. B M Ravindranath Reddy, I.N (Retd), Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board.
  • Mr. Rajiv Agarwal, MD, Essar Ports.
  • Mr. Mudit Mehrotra, Assistant Vice President (Shipping Division), The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd.
  • Mr. Ambrish Bansal, Sr. Vice President & Global Head - Management Consulting & ESG Advisory, Lloyd’s Register.
03:30 PM

Presentation : Harnessing Shore Power: Advancing Sustainability in India's Ports.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. James Goh , Regional Product Manager - Shore Power (South East Asia, Oceania & India), Cavotec.
03:45 PM

Presentation : Effective HPICorrosion Proof System to Protect Marine Environment & enhance Structural Life.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Anthony Sung , Associate Director, Cementaid International Group of Companies.
04:00 PM

Networking Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase

04:15 PM

Presentation : "Alternative Fuels for Maritime Decarbonization"

Exploring the various alternative fuels such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), biofuels, hydrogen, and ammonia, their viability, infrastructure requirements, and potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime industry.

04:30 PM

Presentation: "Energy Efficiency Measures in Port Operations"

Discuss energy-efficient technologies and practices that can be implemented in port operations, including shore power systems, smart grid integration, optimized vessel traffic management, and energy management systems for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Niteen Borwankar , CEO-SEZ, JNPT - Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust.
05:00 PM

Solution Provider Presentation

05:30 PM

End of Day 1

9:00 AM

Registration & Breakfast

Advancements in Port Technology & Innovation

9.50 AM

Opening Remarks

  • Mr. Vijay Kumar, IAS , Chairman, Inland Waterways Authority of India*
10:00 AM

Panel Discussion : "Port Technology & Innovation: Driving Efficiency and Transforming Maritime Operations".

Port technology and innovation optimize maritime operations with automation, IoT, AI, blockchain, green tech, data analytics, port community systems, remote monitoring, and predictive analytics, driving efficiency and transformation.

Cutting-edge advancements streamline cargo handling, operations, safety, transparency, environmental impact, maintenance prediction, collaboration, decision-making, and supply chain optimization.

Smart port environments integrate diverse digital tech and IoT, while 5G revolutionizes maritime communication, data transfer, and real-time monitoring, unlocking advanced connectivity possibilities.

Embracing these innovations enhances operational efficiency, cuts costs, boosts performance and promotes sustainability in the global supply chain

Moderator -:

  • Mr. Jagannarayan Padmanabhan , Sr. Director and Global Head -Transport Logistics and Mobility, CRISIL.

Speaker -:

  • Dr. Abhijit Singh , Assistant Vice President, Invest India, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Govt of India.
  • Mr. Nilabhra Dasgupta , IRS, Deputy Chairman, Paradip Port Authority.
  • Mr. Sanjay K Joglekar , Chief Technology Officer, Mumbai Port Authority & Advisor IT, Indian Port Association.
  • Mr. Daljit Singh , India Representative, Port of Antwerp-Bruges.
  • Mr. Rohit Chaturvedi , Partner, Transport and Logistics sector Leader (Government, Infrastructure and Development sector Advisory Services) Mazars.
11:00 AM

Presentation : Maritime Single Window- Embracing port call digitalization.

Talk about Streamlining port call digitalization for efficient documentation, enhanced data exchange, and improved coordination. Benefits include simplified administrative procedures, reduced turnaround times, increased transparency, optimized resource allocation, and operational resilience for ports and shipping companies.

Speaker -:

  • Dr. Manish Jaiswal, Chief Technology Officer, J M Baxi Group.
11:30 AM

Presentation : Entoss Technologies

Speaker -:

  • Antony Joseph Kitherian Xavier, Founder of
11:40 AM

Presentation : Case Study of a Cyber Attack Affecting Port and Ship Operational Safety

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Karan Kochhar , , Managing Director, Maersk Fleet Management and Technology (India).
12:00 PM

Presentation : Port of the Future with 5G Network

Discussion on how 5G networks are driving advanced connectivity, operational efficiency, and real-time data exchange. Benefits include ultra-fast communication, enhanced security, seamless IoT integration, and enabling innovation such as autonomous vehicles. Fostering digitalization, smart infrastructure, optimized logistics, and new business opportunities for ports.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Vinod Karumampoyil , Director-Digital Transformation, CISCO.
12:30 PM

Presentation : Digital Twin for Ports & Terminals

Presenting the concept of digital twin technology applied to port operations, enabling virtual replicas of physical assets and processes. Exploring how digital twins can simulate different scenarios, optimize resource allocation, improve maintenance planning, and enhance overall operational efficiency in ports.


01:00 PM

Networking Coffee Break & Exhibitor Showcase

Achieving Operational Efficiency in Ports

02:30 PM

Panel Discussion : Optimizing Port Operations for Increased Efficiency.

Sagarmala Programme: Update on the Indian government's port-led development initiative to optimize operations, enhance connectivity, and reduce logistics costs.

Infrastructure upgrades and capacity expansion projects to handle larger vessels and increase cargo capacity.

Digitalization and Policy Reforms: Emphasis on digitalization, automation, and policy reforms to streamline processes, improve transparency, attract private investment, and enhance competitiveness.

Moderator -:

  • Mr. Ram Prasad Ravi, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Maritime Gateway & Future Fuels.

Speaker -:

  • Mr. Bhushan Kumar, Joint Secretary, Sagarmala, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways.
  • Dr. Manik G Gursal, IAS, CEO, Maharashtra Maritime Board.
  • Mr. Jayaram Raipura, CEO, Karnataka Maritime Board.
  • Captain Hemant Gupta, Deputy Director, Drewry.
03:30 PM

Presentation : :"Automation and Robotics in Port Operations: Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Productivity".

Examining the role of automation technologies, such as autonomous cranes, robotic container handlers, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), in optimizing port operations. Discussing their benefits in terms of reducing manual labor, improving accuracy, minimizing delays, and increasing throughput.

Speaker -:

  • Sanjay K Joglekar , Chief Technology Officer, Mumbai Port Authority & Advisor IT, Indian Ports Association.
04:00 PM

Presentation: "Vessel Traffic Management: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Maritime Navigation"

Talk focusing on exploring the role and benefits of VTMS in managing vessel traffic, including real-time monitoring, risk assessment, route optimization, collision avoidance, and ensuring compliance with maritime regulations.

Speaker -:

  • Captain Bhabatosh Chand , Deputy Conservator, Mumbai Port Authority.
04:30 PM

Networking Coffee Break &Exhibitor Showcase

05:00 PM

End of Day Two